Thank you ECA! Thank you Mr. YUNG!


Through the 5-years-study in ECA, my results had significantly improved. Before my studied in ECA, I wasn’t good at mathematics and I could say I quite hate mathematics.


At first, I was confused about those simple equations which I was unable to solve them. During lessons, Mr. Yung has taught me alternative ways to deal with the maths questions. By using real life examples, mathematics has become a bit more interesting and easier to understand. Since then, mathematics has become my best subject which I turned to be more willing to put effort in it. The exercises and papers from ECA’s teachers helped me to learn different question types as well as the training skills and time management.


Not only did the teachers teach me an easy way to solve problems, but they also shared their experiences when facing public examinations. And therefore for me, it is really enjoyable to study in such a relaxing atmosphere in ECA.


I do spend most of the time here finishing the designated work. I used to have no planning and directions for my study. However, ECA has always required me to do past papers meanwhile tutors pinpointed my weaknesses through follow-up exercises so as to have improvement. ECA didn’t only help me score higher in mathematics but also in other subjects as I realize it is important to notice the feeble area and adjust the learning style in every subjects. Following the study plan and working hard would finally enhanced my overall performances and get a satisfactory result eventually. And now I am so proud that I am getting an offer from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in studying BBA in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (IFAA). Hurray!”


Daisy (CUHK - Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis)




“感謝 ECA各位老師多年來的悉心教導,我在今年的HKDSE考獲佳績,其中數學/M2/物理取得5**/5**/5*,成功入讀第一選擇香港中文大學(數學精研)學科。





Ernst (CUHK - Enrichment Mathematics)