1.  When should I let my children enrol in your programmes?
Our programmes are suitable for primary and secondary school students so it does not matter when you send your children to our centre. Yet, it is important to note that the earlier you start learning something, the more possible you can master it.


2.  When does ECA Education open to enrolment?
We do not have a specific time for enrolment. As long as you are interested in our programmes, feel free to contact Mr. Eric Yung at 2147 3728 for enrolment.

3.  Does ECA Education provide only tutorials on HKDSE curriculum?
Certainly not – we provide tutorials on a great variety of curriculums, such as HKDSE, GCSE, GCE A-level, SAT, SAT2 and IB.

4.  Can I approach tutors here when I am abroad for my study?
Yes. Students can approach us through online messaging system which allows us to solve their difficulties instantly. Besides, when you are back to Hong Kong for term break, you are welcomed to book for lessons in order to keep track with your studies.

5.  As a parent, how can I know about my child’s performance?
We are willing to keep track with parents and maintain a close relationship with you. Should parents have any queries on their children, our tutors are always happy to help and find a way to solve the problems. Parents can simply call us or come personally to talk with our staff.