At ECA for Future, we:


Present an original and potent approach to learning


Prompt student’s ability in gaining knowledge


Broaden students’ horizons through various life-changing programs


Provide insight and opportunities on interacting with elite


Help establish students’ confidence and leadership

What we do

We devote ourselves to the pursuit of happiness in the youth’s education. We believe that under suitable methods and with an opportune attitude, students’ potential can be explored and utilized to its full capacity under our guidance.

We designed innovative and knowledge-oriented study programs for junior students. Being compared to the traditional way, which comprises more of a static schooling and information-swallowing, learning is much more interesting in our programs. We have organized holiday camps which are dedicated to bring our participants an enlightening experience. The forward-looking feedback from our students is a crucial driving force behind us that keeps us going.

It is our sole goal to provide an outstanding learning experience and to create a wide range of compelling teaching methods such that any student can achieve their best.

General Methodology

Over last few years, we were honoured to have found the opportunities to cooperate with various numbers of universities, including but not limited to ‘Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Institute of Education’ and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), sponsored by “Love Ideas HK”, to organize Summer and Winter camps for students.

In our camps, students have a realistic experience of university-typed education. For instance, in one of our past events: they get to visit the most advanced electronic laboratory in Hong Kong, learn to design and manufacture simple electronic devices. These are very valuable and limited learning experiences for students. It help enhance their enthusiasm in acquiring knowledge and most importantly, provide them with the confidence in facing different challenges in the future.