A-Level / IAL Non-Jupas




Studying medicine and becoming a doctor has always been my aspiration. However, other than having strong determination and a caring heart, it also requires high academic ability to enter the medical school. Therefore, I have always been training myself to be more academically capable in these two years. Thanks to the teachers in ECA, it wouldn’t have been made possible for me to achieve a high mark in my International A-level and get a chance to study medicine without their endless support throughout the past two years.


Since Form 4, I have been studying IAL as a private candidate in ECA. It was quite hard for me to take in knowledge equivalent for a Form 6 student, but their style of teaching made me more relaxed and motivated to face the long road to the exams. Other than using the textbook and doing the Edexcel past papers, we’ve also used videos and other sources for our studies, which made our studying process more interesting. I also had clearer concepts on my subjects as my teachers drilled on questions on past papers with me one by one. Finally, throughout the learning process with my teachers, I’ve found my best studying method, which helped me passed through the A-level exams. I believe that the methods I’ve learnt in these two years will continue to be beneficial to me in my further studies.


Not only are my teachers caring in my studies, we’ve also become good friends! Since the very beginning, ECA has given me a very secure learning atmosphere. In here, I am also supported for applying universities and choosing my career paths. I’m very glad to have had two years of unforgettable and valuable experience, and I hope I could use this experience in helping my fellow friends in ECA!


Ambrose (CUHK - Medicine)



Kelvin是一所普通中學的學生,中二的時候, 開始在ECA EDUCATION跟隨容生學習數學,僅僅一個學期,成績突飛猛進,校内測驗考試經常90多分,數學成爲最強的科目。隨後,在ECA修讀International A-level(IAL)的科目,并於2016 年考獲佳績,同時收到香港大學及香港科技大學的取錄,最後選擇入讀香港大學(經濟金融)學科。

Kevin 自小的夢想是入讀香港大學商學院,但是中文科和通識科成績較弱,估計用HKDSE的成績未能達到香港大學的入學要求。他和家長商量後,決定在香港自修International A-Level (IAL)的課程。ECA的老師爲Kevin提供了海量的模擬試題,而且針對他的弱項加以強化,令他學到有用的技巧及竅門,面對不同題型時也能得心應手。同時老師非常嚴格,要求Kevin必須完成每天的學習,否則不可以放學,老師也要留堂。


Kelvin (HKU - Economics and Finance)