Founder's vision


Our centre is founded by Mr. Jolly Yung.


Jolly designed the ‘Hand-in-hand methodology’ for teaching primary and secondary school students Mathematics. This method is well proven that it is suitable for the Hong Kong educational environment, which requires students to quickly adapt to changing syllabus. After 50 years of practice and fine tuning, the ‘Hand-in-hand methodology’ gives students greater flexibility to learn according to their own abilities.


Founding the ECA Education, Jolly is noted for his care and responsibilities towards students’ academic performance and holistic development. To help students improve within a short period of time, Jolly believed that it is important to know each student well and teach according to their abilities. He notably makes his belief as one of the main objectives of the centre and is determined to provide quality private tuition programmes to students.


Only with great vision can we succeed. We believe that with our experienced team and determination, students can excel in their academic performance and have a bright future.